Semi Frameless Glass

Pool Fencing offers the highest quality workmanship in pool fencing. Our years of expertise and ability to offer advice on the best materials and design for your pool fence gives you peace of mind that you have constructed a quality addition to your home that aligns with recent changes to the State Government Pool …. Australian Standard.

These are some of the features you will find in our pool fencing:

  • Glass Fencing – With the current trend of glass pool fencing, we supply semi frameless and frameless glass. 
  • Rust free powder coated aluminum panels. 
  • Powder coated caps not ugly black plastic. 
  • Powder coated screws not grey coloured.   
  • Posts are core drilled through tiles. NO FLANGE POSTS! This means longer lasting, durable support framework for years to come. 
  • Epoxy posts in to timber decks not unsightly plates and bolts.
  • Absolute compliance with Council/Queensland State regulations. We guarantee it will pass pool certifier.

Pool Inspections

With Queensland’s newly introduced pool fence regulations, pool owners are now required to have a safety inspection conducted on their pool fence by a qualified inspector. All properties that are on the market or being tenanted will require certification of compliance by deadlines imposed by the State Government.